Crème liqueur au Cognac

By Braastad :

The first time I met Edouard, the feeling went straight away. He’s the kind of person who makes you feel comfortable and with whom you’re going to have a great time.
After a few Cognac creams and the volume of the music goes up, he is able to rock the dance floor and put on quite a show.

We took advantage of this idyllic card at my best friend Cha’s house to take some pictures and immortalize this memorable weekend.

Back to the cream, Edouard has been working at Braastad, his family property for several generations, which produces magnificent Cognacs. Like every generation he has had to make his place and innovate. And Edouard is not to be outdone, he has surfed on the wave of cream of whisky to create the first cream of Cognac.
Secret recipe, which he might reveal to you if you are nice.
In the meantime, go and treat yourself this summer with some ice cubes or in cocktail, it’s superb. Be careful, you will ask for more.

What’s your favorite cocktail for this summer ?

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