Pignan 2009

Châteauneuf du Pape

One day, a friend of mine said to me “Rayas is my favourite wine”. One day, another friend said to me “Rayas is my favourite wine”. One day, a friend said to me “I have a Rayas allowance and I would like to give it to you”. Of course, I am very hot. Result: a 2005 Fonsalette and a 2005 Rayas for me, and a Pignan and a Rayas for another guy.

I open Fonsalette 2005, 6 months ago. That’s good. That’s good. But, compared to all the noise around Reynaud’s wines, I’m still a bit hungry. In the meantime, a wine tasting champion says to me “Pignan is way over the top! ».

Surprise, last night my buddy came back from the restaurant he had made for lunch with a bottle of Pignan 2009, 3/4 full. 1st reaction, weird because I know he usually likes the product. He tells me “get ready”. We taste it. Boom.
An atomic bomb. Incredible nose and in the mouth aromas of raspberry, blackberry, cherry, strawberry. Melting pot of perfectly ripe red fruits. I’ve never tasted such old grenaches before.

Next time, I’ll take Pignan.

How about you ? Which Reynaud’s vintage do you prefer ?

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